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About Us

Hello and welcome to Myhydromate.com. My name is James Morrissette and I am the proprietor and inventor of HydroMate products. Since it’s inception in April of 2013 we have worked diligently in perfecting our product line to reflect what we feel is perfection while knowing there is always room for improvement. All of your comments and suggestions will be taken into consideration.

The big question is how did it all start? I have been a big fan of quality smoking for thirty years. Notably I have mostly enjoyed cigars and premium herb. Cigars and their aging was a hobby and I soon began to understand why cigars were aged as I smoked more and more great cigars (Ciglo VI being the finest). This process of aging actually improved the tobacco to provide an even slow burn, quality rich smoke and an aroma that was very special.

In time I began to wonder why premium herb did not command this attention. Its cost far exceeded any cigar and the problems I found that I experienced greatly replicated cigar requirements. The premium herb was fine in the beginning, however the quality was there, problems surfaced for me like all other premium herb smokers:

  • The effects would sometime last only a short period
  • Sometimes there were no effects and the herb smelt and tasted great.
  • Moisture in fine product was too high and you could not roll it.
  • The hand roll would canoe and waste herb. 
  • The herb was great but it was harsh. 
  • The older the herb got the less affect it had 

I wasted so much money on dry crappy herb at the end of the bag I had to find a solution.I had to incorporate what I knew with cigars to fix this problem.

In January of 2013 I began to test hygrometers in jars containing herb. Many tests were taken and the problems were controlling humidity mold. The hygrometers were not working well using one-way humidity. Further we could not establish 62% relative humidity that our product required.

We then attempted an incorporation of a Boveda™ patented two-way humidity pack. The integration was not easy but with a little of effort we were successful in its implementation and it was a tremendous success.

Now with our patented product we integrated hermetic sealing, glass that limits light intrusion and a nifty “Hide Me” label that keeps your contents private. We are sure that we offer a unique quality product that saves everyone money and we make every attempt at perfect customer service. We hope you enjoy our exclusive product and we are at your service.